M5 Anti-Tank 3" Gun Restoration Project

The Summit Park District enlisted the help of The Veterans Garage to assist in the refurbishment of the 1943  M5 Anti-Tank 3" (75mm) Anti-Tank Gun that has been proudly displayed for over 70 years.

​​The M5 Gun was in good condition for it's age, but it was time to prepare this Historic Field Artillery Piece for the next generations to appreciate and enjoy. The Gun was removed from it's current location in order to undergo significant cosmetic repairs and improvements. Components that have been lost over time were replaced. Existing layers of paint were removed and two coats of epoxy primer and new paint were professionally applied, to help to preserve the Cannon for many, many years.

We are honored to have the opportunity to assist the Summit Park District in creating a meaningful and lasting display dedicated to the Men and Women of the Armed Services. ​

The project is nearly complete and ready to return to it's rightful display in Mid-October. 

Progress Photos Coming SOON!

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​​Joe Werner

Executive Director