US Army Nike Hercules SAM Missile

Oak Forest, IL

WWII (1943) US Army M5 Anti-Tank 3' Gun.

Lansing, IL

More Projects Ahead...

We're currently working with the communities of Oak Forest and Lansing to assist in the 

restoration of their Historic Military Displays. The Lansing American Legion has engaged The Veterans Garage to complete an aesthetic restoration of their 1943 WWII M5 Anti-Tank 3" Gun. Similar to the Gun we restored in Mokena, this M5 is in good condition, but needs to be media blasted, some rusted steel repairs made and paint professionally applied.

In Oak Forest, The Park District has requested that The Veterans Garage begin the process of restoring a 1976 Nike Hercules Missile. The Missile stands 37 feet tall and offers some interesting challenges. The top section of the Missile is all aluminum and merely needs to be stripped and re-painted. The major work is related to the lower "rocket" section. The 4 steel rocket tubes (16" in Diameter) have deteriorated severely and need to be replaced. To do so, we are removing the top section and placing it on a custom fabricated set of stands and moving it to a temporary storage location on site. Next, we'll remove the lower section and bring it to The Veterans Garage to be rebuilt. Once completed, the new lower section will be re-installed, and the top section placed back on top. The finished product will again take it's place as a proud reminder of the Brave Men and Women of our Armed Forces.

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Joe Werner

Executive Director