​Operation: PBR Rescue

Vietnam PBR 31RP7116

​Restoration Project

In February of 2019, we assisted in the recovery of PBR 31RP7116 from a group who for 5 years planned to restore this historic Vietnam icon. Unsuccessful in their attempts, the boat languished waiting to be rescued and restored.

We were contacted by John Lynn on behalf of the owner - John McClurg (retired PBR Captain - Vietnam) and asked to assist in locating the boat and returning it to the owner. We were able to locate PBR 7116, secure it's release and transport it to The Veterans Garage.

Since then, we have been researching the scope of work required to restore PBR 7116 to seaworthy operating condition. 

Our current mission is to determine the extent and cost of the work, develop a budget and research funding options. In the mean time, we are beginning the preliminary work of dismantlement in order to better assess components - engines, jet drives, fuel tanks, etc.

We are honored to assist Mr. McClurg in preserving PBR 7116 so that she may now serve as a meaningful and lasting display dedicated to the Men and Women who served on them in Vietnam. ​

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As you can imagine, this project will require a great deal of Volunteer hours and substantial donations, but EVERY little bit helps. If you are interested in volunteering or sponsoring this important project, please contact Joe Werner - 708-516-0301 for more information.


Progress Videos on The Veterans Garage YouTube Channel! 

​Joe Werner

Executive Director

Current Condition

Owner: John McClurg - Retired Vietnam PBR Captain